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Many home sellers think that a hot market makes it less important to prepare your home for showings—but the right prep work can determine whether those home buyers who are ready to compete will be willing to go to the mat with their offers. Our 10 tips will help you create an ambiance that screams “move in now.”

You may be surprised to discover that fresh paint and basic fixes alone aren’t enough to spark passion in the best prospective buyers. It’s the ambiance you create that turns a great house into someone’s dream home.

Unfortunately, many sellers ignore this oh-so-important prep step!

So, before showing your property, ask yourself: Is my home triggering prospective buyers’ five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste)?

Here are 10 low-cost ways to help your home steal the show:

Pay Attention to Landscaping

The drive up to your home should inspire awe, and your front landscaping has a high impact on that. Mow the lawn, rake off grass clippings, edge your lawn, and trim overgrown bushes and hedges. Plants and flowers can also add color to your landscape. Luckily, the Raleigh, NC weather favors the growth of various beautiful plants that can make a prospective homebuyer fall in love with your property.

Make Your Door Stand Out

Make your door an eye catcher, instead of blending it with other exterior elements. Repainting it is enough to make it pop—but success lies in the color you choose. If possible, choose a look that accentuates the exterior colors. Going bold with the color is the best, but first, use a swatch or a front door paint app before painting the door to get the desired outcomes. Add a seasonal wreath for a welcoming touch.

Update the Entryway

The entryway is the official introduction to your home. Imagine walking into an entryway with dirty walls and disorganized shoes; that’ll spoil the energy right from the start!  Instead, make yours outstanding. While every doorway has a unique character, several elements are critical to making it pop: wall finish, warm lighting, a piece of art, and flooring. Depending on your layout, this might be a spot for something splashy; a bright wall hanging, mirror, or even an elegant peel-n-stick wallpaper can enhance the entry’s style.

Replace the Door Hardware

New door hardware complements fresh paint and adds a notable upgrade. The hardware color should contrast the paint. For instance, black hardware looks beautiful on a white door. If you painted the door black, installing brass hardware does the trick. Adding a door knocker for use by guests also takes the appeal a notch higher. And please, don’t forget to buff it before you leave the house before a showing!

Rid Your Home of Any Unsavory Smells

Food, pets, damp and other unwelcoming smells may linger longer than you expect in your home’s interior. And worse, having lived in the property for years, it’s easy to go nose blind to it.  Home buyers, however, will instantly pick up the smell. It can be pretty disappointing not to close a deal because of an unpleasant smell in your on-sale home. Ask your agent to give you honest feedback; if there’s a problem address the source (and add a light touch of deodorizer).

Use Throw Pillows for an Interior Pop

Whatever style you choose, adding decorative pieces like throw pillows and blankets accentuates the interior by balancing your color scheme. Pillows also influence visual interest, thanks to their prints and materials, ranging from shaggy fur and sequined to waffle-knit and satin. Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to subtly brighten your interior.

Maximize Patio Space

In some ways patios can be an everyday luxury—make the most of yours by giving it a getaway feel. Adding comfortable seating and other decorative items (lamps, potted plants and flowers, and a small tree) can transform your patio into a fun and appealing outdoor oasis.

Symmetry also helps you prepare your home for showings…

Embracing symmetry is an excellent way of creating eye-catching focal points and making the home look more integrated. How do you do that? Little things, like matching décor pieces like lanterns or plants positioned on either side of the door, entryway, or garage doors can help.

Focusing on exterior and interior details can add essential charm that helps your property stand out. And if you’re selling a home, who you list with also matters. Give us a call to experience hassle-free and client-centered realty services.

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