Trends in Creating Curb Appeal


Creating curb appeal is among the most important steps you can take when prepping your home for sale, because first impressions shape buyers’ expectations of everything else they see.

Recently, a story shared by 11 Eyewitness News reported that the supply of houses on the market is down by as much as 55%, and homeowners are enjoying offers well over the asking price. But even with the housing market on fire, curb appeal needs to be on your radar if you want to get the highest offer possible.

Here are a few current trends and must-do’s to help get you started. (One tip for owners in neighborhoods with an HOA: be sure to check any guidelines before making changes.)

1. Landscape with Native Plants and Shrubs

Today’s buyers are more eco-conscious than ever. They want to live in a space that’s sustainable, and they aren’t looking for a manicured lawn full of non-native plants and shrubs. You can up your curb appeal by adding a few strategically placed pieces.

When you add native plants and shrubs to your outdoor space, you can still choose interesting colors and types of plants. The bonus is that these plants are designed to grow and thrive in the Raleigh North Carolina climate, so you won’t have an outrageous water bill from running your sprinkler all the time.

2. Replace the Hardware on the Front of Your Home

Imagine if you were seeing a home for the first time, and as you approach the front door, you notice the doorknob is rusted and the locks on the window are falling apart. You would think the homeowner doesn’t take care of the property. You can replace the hardware even on a tight budget, and it can make a big difference.

Though you won’t want to stray from your home style too much, the current trend is toward hardware with a sleeker look, featuring clean lines. When choosing your replacements, you’ll want to be sure to consider not just the actual handle, but the door knocker, doorbell, and visible window hardware, too;  look for complementary finishes and designs.

3. House Numbers with Character

This is a small change that can add flair to your front entry: replace your boring black house numbers with a set that has more personality or is simply more visible. For a country look, you might try tiles with flowers or some other detailing. If you tile isn’t your style, maybe a burnished or brass plaque-style sign with your street name as well as number.

As with hardware, clean lines and sans serif fonts (without little curlicues on the points), are leading the pack. In a budget pinch, just painting your existing house numbers a brighter color can do the trick. Your goal is to for the house number to stand out and draw the eye.

4. Replace or Refresh Your Front Door

The most recent trends in curb appeal will have you replacing your front door with one that is all or partially glass, or possibly stained glass.

If glass is not for you, however, you can still upgrade the look with a simple coat of paint. Paint, as they say, is “money in a can”—indoors and out. You can opt for a classic color or go bold with a red door. If money is an issue, then repainting your door is the way to go, and it still enhances the cared-for look of your home.

5. Add a Front Yard Sitting Area

It doesn’t need to be a large space with a gazebo or the addition of a wraparound porch, but you want to create a place where prospective homeowners can see themselves unwinding at the end of the day.

You might use Adirondack chairs painted in a bright color with a small table between them. This creates a welcoming space. Add props, such as a forgotten book on the table or an attractive throw tossed over one of the chairs, before listing photos are taken, or before a showing.

While the housing market is hot, you know you’re going to be able to sell your home. However, increasing your curb appeal can push the selling price up. After taking care of the musts, adding a few trendy touches to boost your home’s curb appeal will help create the best first impression and set the stage for positive buyer expectations.

At Alexy Realty, we want to help you get as much as you can for your home. We’re always here with the expert advice you need when selling your home!

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