Why work with a real estate professional


In a world where DIY is going strong, online and off, some might wonder “why work with a real estate professional?”­—that is, a licensed broker or agent­. True, the web is flooded with resources, yet over the past 20 years or so the numbers of buyers and sellers choosing to work with a pro has been steadily increasing, now at 89% of sellers and 88% of buyers.* That’s a strong trend!

The reality is, when big dollars are at stake, being “self taught” is risky. Pros have both resources AND experience that typically helps clients:

  • get the best financial outcome,
  • feel less stress as they navigate buying or selling a house,
  • complete the transaction faster and with fewer hiccups.

So, how do professional realtors deliver these positive results?

5 benefits of working with real estate pros

Responsiveness: an expert always in action for you.

Real estate moves fast; it won’t wait for you to get off work or keep up with your regular life. Agents carefully manage their schedules specifically because they know that response time is of the essence. Setting up and handling showings, responding to leads, questions and bids, not to mention doing research, is a full-time job. Delays cost deals.

Market Expertise: laser focused attention to what matters most to you.

Homes come on and off the market all the time—often at eye-watering speed. Having an expert who’s on top of inventory, and able to narrow the field to those with the potential to fit your needs, is not just an enormous time-saver, it’s more likely to result in a match.

  • They bring the inside scoop to what makes your area tick, from schools and parks, to dining and entertainment, commercial development and more.
  • Because they also live and breathe the markets they’re in, they’re more likely to get sellers the max possible, and to help buyers pay the least.
  • Plus, they have access to the Triangle Multiple Listing Service—including listings that DON’T show up in online home search tools.

Deal-Making Insights: creating wins for you is their purpose.

Agents are trained at balancing the nuances of persuasion, evaluating offers and counteroffers, and reading the market to keep things moving for YOU. And they do it constantly. Plus, since they don’t have an emotional tie to the properties involved, it’s easier for them to bring cold clarity to the table when needed.

Industry Know-How: preventing you from making costly missteps.

Real estate contracts involve myriad rules and conditions that agents know well (and you almost certainly don’t). Buying and selling real estate also crosses multiple industry lines, including home inspections and local government regulations (for titles, liens, disclosure laws, fees), which take time and expertise to work through. The risks in real estate also tend to be costly—like about 99% of the time—and pros help you avoid them.

Professional Integrity: giving you confidence to move forward. When you’re dealing with a buyer or seller directly, you have no way of knowing whether you’re negotiating with someone prompted to act in good faith or bad, if there are any conflicts of interest, or if they’re just plain lying. Real estate professionals are trained, licensed and legally held to a code of ethics—so you can feel confident at every step of the process.

Buying or selling a home is an exciting time—fulfilling dreams and creating major financial upsides. It’s also complex, with plenty of twists and turns to navigate. So when the time comes to start your journey, we hope you’ll give us a call, and put our seasoned professionals to work for you.


* Some people do try—especially when they’re selling their home. Sadly, it almost always ends up hurting them financially. According to the Nat’l Assoc of Realtors, For Sale By Owner (also known as FSBO), homes that typically sold at $217,900 in 2018, sold at $295,000 in agent-assisted transactions — that’s about 25% lower!  Not to mention they’ve had to give up 50, 100 or even more hours of time, and deal with a whole lot more STRESS.

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