Your Cary NC spring home maintenance list


Whether you’re planning for homeownership, thinking of prepping your house for a move, or getting ready for the upcoming warm weather in your current home, these 10 additions to your spring home maintenance list will help you be ready!  

Having survived Cary’s 13th wettest winter ever, we’re all happy to look forward to drier, and warmer, spring weather. You may be in the mood for spring-cleaning: plans to clean out closets, and the dust bunnies under your bed are on your hit list. However, there are also some spring home maintenance chores that should be on your to-do list.

Change the Air Filter in Your HVAC System

Experts recommend you actually take care of this every three months—at a minimum—so consider this your quarterly reminder! Placing a fresh air filter in your HVAC system improves air quality, lowers utility bills, and extends the life of your AC. Plus, it only takes a few minutes.

Clean Your Gutters

Between the leaves falling and the heavy rains we’ve had, your gutters may have a lot of trapped debris. Cleaning out your gutters helps water to flow more easily off your roof and avoids damage from standing water. You’ll need a tall ladder or might need to hire a professional for this task.  While you’re at it, check that the ground at the base of your downspouts isn’t eroding; keep it protected by adding a rain or gutter diverter, or gravel.

Seal Your Countertops

If you have natural stone countertops, they may need a fresh layer of sealant each year. The seal helps to protect the stone from stains and damage from standing water. By putting it on your spring-cleaning list, you won’t forget and miss a year.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

If you have limbs that overhang your roof, it’s essential that you trim them each spring. Shrubs and trees can cause damage to your roof and siding, especially during a storm. You need to trim the limbs back far enough that they won’t grow too close to the home within the next year.

Inspect and Repair the Roof

You expect your roof to last many years, but it does require maintenance. As the weather improves, it’s time to inspect your roof for any damage or signs that it’s time to replace it. If you find any damage, you want to go ahead and repair it before it causes any further damage. (Get more roof-related details through our recent post.)

Flip the Switch on Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan almost certainly has a switch that controls the direction of the air. In the summer, you want the blades to push air down. The blades should turn counterclockwise to do create a downdraft. This will provide a cool breeze as the days get warmer—and potentially cut down on your AC bills too!

Pressure Wash the Driveway, Walkways, and Patio

As you prepare to spend more time outside, it’s a good idea to pressure wash your concrete surfaces. It can boost your curb appeal, prevent nasty notices from your HOA, and also protect the surface from potential damage.

Inspect Your Attic

Over the cold winter months, critters may have looked for a warm place to call home… and it just may have been in your attic. Spring is the perfect time to head into the attic to check for evidence of an infestation. You can also inspect your insulation and look for cracks or holes that need to be repaired.

Seal Your Wood Deck

Wood can rot, and your wood deck gets exposed to a lot of rain, ice, and snow. It was most likely sealed when it was built, but resealing it every few years can as much as double the expected lifespan. Take advantage of the nice weather and either take care of this chore yourself, or hire someone to handle it for you.

And last on your Spring Home Maintenance List: Look for Leaky Pipes

While you’re deep cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen, it’s time to pull out a flashlight and look under the sinks: dark spots on the wall behind the sink, or warped cabinet floors may mean water leaks. If you find any, run the faucet while watching carefully to see if you can identify the source. Addressing any problems early on can save you a bundle later.

Now, before the weather heats up in May and June, is a great time to tackle your spring home maintenance list. As homeowners, investors and realtors with many years in the Cary area, we’re happy to help with suggestions for providers who can help you around the house if you need it. And when you’re ready to list or buy, we’d love to help you find your next dream home, too

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